5 Financial, Health, and Creative Growth Lessons to thrive in 2024

5 Financial, Health, and Creative Growth Lessons to thrive in 2024

Yerrrr, been a minute since I chopped it up with ya'll on an actual BLOG POST.

Hope everyone's been MONEY!

As for me, I been reflective of this past year and I wanted to kick off the New Year with some old-school wisdom and new-school knowledge. We're mixing the message of 90's hip-hop with the wisdom of the Saturday morning cartoons to give you the ultimate guide for leveling up for 2024. Whether you're balancing your wallet, pushing for your summer body, or setting to be the new Virgil Abloh, these five lessons are your lottery tickets to hitting your GOAL$. And yo, let's not forget the daily ritual to keep you rooted in your purpose - because consistency is cooler than Chilly Willy's pinky toe!


1. Financial Wisdom: Keep your mind on "your" MONEY & your MONEY on "your" mind!

Lesson: Budget like you're in a Battle Royale against HERTZ & AVIS for your share of the rental market.

Daily Ritual: Each morning, check your spending from the previous day. It's like a defensive coaching session. You're watch your old tapes to see where you fumbled the bag. You wanna see where you can sharpen your skills and manage your paper better. 

Remember: Energy goes to where attention flows. Keep the currents of your mind flowing with thoughts of financial growth.



2. Health Hustle: Your Body is Your Temple

Lesson: Think of a daily workout like you do brushing your teeth.

Daily Ritual: Start your day with a 10-minute body movement or stretching routine to that one song that makes you feel like John Wick in an armory full of dog abusers.

Imagine if Goku trained only when he felt like it. ZERO Ultra Instinct, right? Your health regime is your Dragon Ball - chase it. Mix up your workouts like a DJ DRAMA mixtape, have a lil bit of your favorites blended in BUT never let the music stop!  

And remember, healthy eating is your power-up – Goku wouldn't win fights on a diet of soda and chips.


3. Creative Surge: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Lesson: Create as a from of "EXPLORATION" not towards a "END"

Daily Ritual: Dedicate 10-15 minutes each day to sketch, write, or brainstorm lucid ideas.

Remember the joy of rubbing your crayons on the construction paper until they blunted into tiny morsels between our index finger and thumb? Channel that energy into your current creative process. Whether it's writing, painting, or making beats, let your imagination run wild. Your mind is a canvas, and every idea is a stroke of genius.


4. Financial Flex: Invest Like a Wall St. Wolf!

Lesson: Treat investing like you're building your ultimate Fantasy sports team.

Daily Ritual: Read one article or watch one video about investing every day.

If you could handpick any player available to build your personal Dream Team wouldn't you? This is exactly how you should approach building an investment portfolio to play against future economic instability, inflation or rising tax rates.  Similarly, diversify your investments. Stocks, bonds, crypto - mix it up. Educate yourself daily; knowledge is your Sports Almanac in the world of finance.


5. Mental Health Mastery: Your Mind Deserves a Break

Lesson: Relax & Chill

Daily Ritual: Spend 10 minutes in meditation or quiet reflection EVERY day.

Hey, if nothing else on this list is practiced, PLEASE, consider this one the most essential of the bunch. Your mind needs downtime. Our modern day society coops a large portion of our attention and as a result our minds are overworked and overstuffed with mental pollution. Meditating, reflecting, and deep breathing are some tools available to you whenever, wherever to offset and unload that mental pollution.

Think of it as pressing pause on a hectic episode of life to recharge your mental batteries.

Well, there you are - 5ive epic lessons for a killer year ahead. Incorporate these into your "Daily Do's", and you'll be leagues ahead of your 2023 self.

Remember, it's about balance - finance, health, creativity, and a focused mind.

Make Moves, Make Money, Make Pigs Fly & let's make this year the best to date.

- "Defy the Odds"