Our Mission

Bronx based apparel company on a mission to "Make Pigs Fly".

Inspiration Knows No Boundaries

COLOURFUL MONEY has evolved into more than just stylized garments; it's a mindset. Our mission is: 



Our name, Colourful Money - mirrors our artistic diversity and resolute business focus. COLOURFUL highlights the diversity of form. Describing various iterations of possibilities the word COLOURFUL provides us with a vehicle to traverse multiple realities of design. MONEY maintains an iconic status as the purveyor of dreams. MONEY represents our facility to acquisition. Finding the balance between the 2 concepts and property representing them both creates unique results which allows our message to resonate globally. Our aspirations for success is what birthed COLOURFUL MONEY which is why it embodies the hustlers spirit that propels us towards success. 


lex movers!