Financially Secure vs Financially Liberated

Financially Secure vs Financially Liberated

“Money attainment as a means of security is confining and limited. it builds a prison with you as the central figure within. 

But money gathered to liberate you is like a buoyant boat in water, you stay on top regardless of how high the tide gets.”

- Me



Security vs. Liberation: A Dive into the Dichotomy of Choice

There's a well-known saying, "the man who chooses security over liberty deserves neither." This poignant phrase captures the essence of a timeless debate: the trade-off between security and liberty but why am I think about this while I sit here listening to an old voice message?

To provide some context, the VM was from an ex who would constantly bring up money concerns and project her financial anxieties on to me, though none out of the two of us was financially broke. Personally I've not been in any sort of debt towards individuals or institutions for the last 8-9 years or so. My debt is nonexistent and my credit score is literally a winning spin on most jackpot slot machines. (777) Due to a gut wrenching fear of needing to ask for financial assistance, I obsess over staying financially solvent and without any hurtful debt. In fact my only real bills are rent, cell phone, usual monthly living expenses, some subscriptions I use for my various business interests and a rapidly approaching unhealthy daily addiction to Starbucks coffee. As for the raspy female voice going out this speaker I can only assume that, inside her mind, I as the "man" during that relationship was responsible to ease her anxieties, fears & concerns towards "financial security". 

In all honesty I shouldn't be listening to this at all. Ultimately it has left me with many mixed feelings as it relates to personal relationships and finance, BUT that would be a whole other blog post in and of itself.

For this blog, however, my purpose is to explore the rabbit hole of “having financial security” versus “being financially liberated”.  These two concepts engage in a somewhat intricate dance, the dichotomy of which becomes even more pronounced as we go deeper. Understanding how they diverge and intersect can assist in our pursuit of a more balanced and meaningful life.



Defining the Terms: Security and Liberty

Before we explore their interplay, it's probably a good idea to define what we mean by security and liberation (or liberty). 

Security, in its most basic sense, refers to the state of being free from danger or threat. It's about stability, predictability, and the comfort of having a safety net. In financial terms, security might mean having enough money to live comfortably without the fear of financial ruin.

Liberation, on the other hand, is the state of being free. It's about having choices, autonomy, and the ability to pursue one's desires without constraint. Financial liberation implies having enough resources not just to survive, but to thrive and pursue one's passions without monetary hindrance.


Security: As A Defensive Stance

When we prioritize security, especially financially, we adopt a defensive approach to life. Our thoughts configure towards safeguarding what we have, minimizing risks, and focusing on the preservation of our current status. This mindset, while “prudent”, can often lead to a metaphorical “self-imposed prison”. We become the central figure in a confined space, bound by walls of our own construction - Walls built from our fears and our reluctance to venture beyond the known or the safe.

The pursuit of security, especially when it becomes an ideal or goal, can limit the opportunity for new experiences and stagnate our potential. It's the same as settling into a comfort zone, where the known fears are manageable AND I get that, BUT on the flip side, the unknown opportunities are left unexplored. Where's your inner adventurer



Liberation: The Essence of Freedom

In contrast, seeing money as a tool for liberation paints a different picture altogether. Here, finances become as buoyant as a boat in the ever-changing tides of life. With liberation as the central figure, money is not just a means to an end but the beginning of a multitude of possibilities and opportunities. This approach aligns with the pursuit of freedom - the freedom to make choices, take risks, and explore new horizons without the scarcity mindset that possesses so many peoples minds.

Liberation is about being on top of the waves, not just surviving them but surfing them with true confidence. It's a proactive stance, where money is used to expand one's horizons, embrace new experiences, and pursue passions with vigor & enthusiasm.

Managing the concepts of Security and Liberation

While these two concepts might seem at odds, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the most fulfilling position would be a balanced approach, but this often requires an interplay between security and liberation. Security provides a foundation, a base from which one can venture out. Think of the person snorkeling who has the security of being able to hold their breath for 8 minutes. They can move through the sea with a level of autonomy and comfort knowing that their threshold to go without air is longer than the average person. You can also think of it as the anchor that allows the ship to explore without drifting aimlessly.

Liberation, meanwhile, brings vitality and flexibility to the equation. Here we not only have a swimmer that can hold their breath for an outrageously long time but in addition has an oxygen tank. It ensures that security doesn't stagnate exploration.  When balanced correctly, security and liberation can coexist, providing a stable yet fulfilling journey through life.


Choosing Between Security or Liberation

What I’ve come to realize is that the choice between security or liberation is deeply personal. Our decision varies greatly depending on individual circumstances, values, and stages of life. For some, security is enough to stress out the guy you convinced to move across the country to start a life together into a deep depression of self-doubt. Though, I’m not obtuse enough to miss how the idea of security can provide peace of mind.

While for the rest of us, liberation is the driving force, a beacon that guides them towards fulfillment and excitement. Living not only the depth of experiences but the breath of them as well.

The key is to understand that neither choice is inherently superior. While she took on a defensive position, managing and prioritizing her idea of security my priority was liberation. I’d like to say our relationship ended with this level of comprehension and mutual understanding, it did not. The take-away for me was that whenever I find myself in a particularly conflicting position with an individual that I’m genuinely interested in maintaining good relations with, I do my best to remain cognizant of as many points of mutual agreement and overlapping interests as I can find. For me, it's never about the differences but about finding the equilibrium. There existed a space where she and I could’ve enjoyed the fruits of security without forgoing the exhilaration of liberation but only our true partners in life will make common ground a priority over their individual fears.


Larger Lessons

As we navigate the waters of life, the choice between security and liberation will become a recurring theme. Each of us must find our balance, understanding that both elements have their space and place in the interplay of our lives. Whether you seek the safe harbor of security or the open seas of liberation, remember that it's the journeys and choices we make/take along the way that truly defines our experiences in this life.

In the end though, it's not about choosing one over the other, but finding a way to let both security and liberation coexist. While security and liberation seem like opposing forces, a balanced life often requires a compromise between the two. It's about building a life where we can be safe without being confined, and liberated without being lost.


(Nuff said…Jeniffer!)